The Scientist and the A.I.-Assisted, Remote-Control Killing Machine

Israel used a high-tech remote-controlled machine gun for the first time last year to kill a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist, The New York Times reported Saturday, apparently confirming earlier Iranian reports that conflicted with alleged eyewitness reports of a gun battle.

8th Asian Girl Ambassador

We are so proud of our member Mariya El-Sayyid Ahmed, she got an award “8th Asian Girl Ambassador” of 2020!Big Thanks to the Taiwanese ambassador to Turkey, the Hope Garden…

Manifesto: COVID-19 & Human Rights Day

We need new forms of (re)distribution, recognition, and parity in political participation in order to protect the collective construction of life, habitat, and dwelling, and to do that we should:

Beirut Blast, the whole story

The Lebanese situation represents a real disaster and portends a strong state of violence, which may turn Lebanon into a civil war arena, and this war may be exploited by Israeli parties to try to liquidate many Hezbollah fighters, this terrorist organization that stole Lebanon and the Lebanese in favor of Iran’s great dream, which aims to promote religious extremism in the Middle East. #Hezbollah #Lebanese

12 thousand on the Syrian, Jordanian, and Iraqi deserted deserts will die

Rakban, is an arid remote area on the Syrian border near the extreme northeast of Jordan, close to the joint borders with Syria and Iraq. The area became a refugee camp for Syrians in 2014

A refugee child was raped in Lebanon

Translator: Nada Odeh , The idea of Story: Hicham Alnachawati Directed by, Issam Khoury Eight Lebanese youths, one of them a member of the “Hezbollah” militia, documented their sexual assault…

The 9 anniversary of the Syrian revolution

The people want to bring down the Syrian regime. COVID-19 killed some thousand in the world, Assad killed more than half a million people in a small country call Syria.…

Idlib under fire

Save Idlib’s civilians, The bombing destroyed most of the houses and killed animals and burn crops and plants UN, NY- Idlib, Syria Photo by, Ahmad al-Husari, Hicham Alnachawati Directed by,…

The Russian’s Christmas gift for Syrian children

The Russian’s Christmas gift for Syrian children A Protest front the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York Camera in NY by, Mohannad al-Hasani Some shooting from citizen…

It’s Time to change the face of Syria

It is the first time in Time Square, NY,the Syrian community in the US put political Ads in the commercial area!{ It’s time to change the face of Syria…NO ISIS,…