Founded in 2003 in Syria, CESD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which now operates in the United States. CESD supports development towards peaceful relations between various parties in the Middle East and North Africa, in order to create a culture in the region that is based on the values of citizenship, democracy, peace, and coexistence.


  • Activate the role of civil communities in the MENA region

  • Provide training for human rights activists, investigative journalists, and citizen journalists

  • Work towards promoting a peaceful resolution to the civil war in Syria

  • Prepare human rights and advocacy reports for civil activists and governmental organizations

  • Support and promote gender equality in the Middle East

  • Permanently seek sustainable development along with local and regional enhancement

  • Provide training in the fields of governance, social and cultural rights, women’s and children’s rights, gender equality, and sustainability

  • Coordinate between international non-profit organizations and civil society activists

  • Create an information bank to provide students and researchers with the latest activities and data

  • Join activists in global and public movements that are aimed towards equality and social justice